November 10, 2006

Social Life & more

Well I'm quite excited by what's install for the next couple of weeks. With a girlfriends birthday celebrations looming, dinner with the playgroup Mamma's and a Hen's night, my social calender has had a remarkable facelift of recent. I am actually feeling energised and am looking forward to socialising as the countdown begins and I realise that time really will be of the essence. I am 31 weeks pregnant and the growing pains I was experiencing last week have subsided so I feel I can get out and about until the next lot present themselves. Less rib discomfort please!
I've had a very full week again and really enjoy this. Monday : was a clean-up and rest day in between having the obligatory Blood test for diabetes. Thankfully our wonderful friend Maxx was having an RDO so was able to look after Orion, which for Orion was a couple of hours playing "Smash 'n' Crash!" with a Hot wheels track and domino blocks and lot and lots of cars! Tuesday: was Melbourne Cup day and we decided as a non-gambling family to have a 'Flutter' (do you like the way I toned that down?) Anyway we decided small bets and two horses each one for a 'place' and one for a 'win'. We somehow chose Ist & 2nd and were very excited that not only did we get our money back we made a little extra too! We were able to watch the "Big" race at a friends house where we were having a "Pizza Off", bases made by hosts and toppings provided by guests..delicious.....Wednesday: Was restful morning then alot of running around, with a trip to Baby Bunting's to return a water bottle I had bought for Orion as the drinking spout was slashed....I was also desperate to get to our P.O. BOX, as I had a 'feeling' my parcel from The Sampler Store had arrived, which it had and mostly I loved everything in it except the skullhead earrings and a very passe 'painted dish' what I am going to do with them I haven't figured out? We then had Playgroup in the afternoon where Orion burnt off lots of energy and the decision for going out to dinner was finalised. Thursday: I worked and Orion was at Childcare. The day was long but rewarding, I think mainly because as each week creeps closer to the mid-December deadline I feel happier at the prospect of not working for a while. This helps dealing with the dysfunctional work load. So today Friday: I have just heated my soup for lunch which I have complimented with a cheese sandwich and then I'll tackle the afternoon's tasks so I can have a clean slate for tommorrow. Ahhh only working four more Saturday's...I'll be happy to reclaim my Saturday's back!

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