November 18, 2006

32 weeks and slowing down

Well last post I excitedly discussed the Mama's playgroup outing. I t was last night and I got to the evening and I just didn't have the energy or the inclination. All the ingrediants were right, good venue, great company but all I could think of is I'll be exhausted tommorrow and I don't want that. I have to work on Saturday and would like to be on the ball! So I tried calling, no response so texted all and left it at that! Do I feel I have missed out? No not really..the little party animal in me (what's left of her!) was still in bed last night berating me but I knew that "sensible Lilli" had to take control. I didn't have the luxury of an afternoon nap yesterday or any rest at all for that matter and when you start to feel fatigued it's very hard to shake that off. I know I am good with my second wind but would have paid the priced dreadfully today. Well I have workshopped that! Have again had a very full week, Monday started off with visits to the Dentist for Orion and the obstetrician plus checking out a new Playgroup in our local area which is a really 'cool' set-up!, so I have put my name down on a long list of other interested people and hope I will hear from them in the not too distant future. On Tuesday I visited the dentist and was delighted to be given the all clear..teeth good which reassured me that all those new aches I had discovered where just imagined. Playgroup on Wednesday and we provided the food so Orion and I did the big family shop in the morning and then baked muffins. We had the 'Thomas the Tank Engine' muffins for the kids and the 'Betty Crocker triple chocolate' muffins for the mums. Betty's great when you just don't have the time to measure and weigh your ingrediants. From Thursday working and that's where I feel it, as I get home I just don't want to do a thing....which I don't mind for the moment especially under the circumstances, but I always look forward to getting back my 'busy mojo'....that's another story.

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