November 23, 2006

33 weeks! What a week!

Wow!If i have one more person ask me when my baby is due then add it could come on New Year's day I may scream.....Why do people want your baby to come early? It's a weird notion and weirder still that I feel irritated by it. It's probably because I always feel I need that time to do 'things' before the baby arrives...Those 'things' can vary from still needing to sort out my crappy paperwork that's strewn over my very dilapidated Ikea desk, filing away the 'bit's 'n' peices' I have collected and decide that I don't want to get rid of any of it. Like my japanese paper, scraps of material, funky postcards and the rest. I am so wanting a creative fix that I took Orion to Spotlight this week (he called it 'Spotlife') which I rather like. I bought for Orion, kid's glue and some very irridescant stickers, a packet of pegs (Inspired by Loobylu and my mother) who have created gorgeous angels for the Xmas tree in previous years, a photo album (scrap booking variety) to test drive putting an album together from our trip to Japan. Yet I still walk into my creative space and think I have got to get back to Ikea for some more storage boxes and start leafing through their catalouge ear marking with post-it-notes, funnily the slogan on the front on the latest Ikea catalouge is "Organising your life"... How appropriate! But I have too admit I have come along way with getting it organised, it's just baby steps (scuse the pun) especially as I am noting with no irregular subtlety that I am slowing down and that my bursts of energy are usually met with tiredness and fatigue...This weekend will be a real test of my endurance. With Friday night being the CMA Ball (Cabinetmakers Association)..that will be interesting...then my girlfriend Jo's hens night saturday..then brunch for my brother-in-law which will mean I have to cancel attending my friend Jennifer's daughter's 4th b'day party....It's all too much but i feel this will be last burst before winding down the year. Most weekend's we will have something on now...but it will be restricted to one commitment besides work, which I finish on the 16th December....I am really savouring the idea of not working again for a while and am realising this may be an opportunity to utilise my creative juices to generate some income, while on Maternity leave...Very Optomistic I know, but I feel that this time it will come to frutition as I realise the potential of being able to be creative and working from home and actually being with my children. It really gives me a warm feeling to know it is truly possible. By the way we have resolved the name issues and I am so excited by both names we have selected for each gender that I really want one of each just so we can name our children these fabulous names. No devulging yet, and I still haven't got the slightest clue as to the gender...that day is looming and it's just so exciting.

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