November 25, 2006

Made it.

I actually made it to the cabinetmakers Awards night last night...after a very early rise due to Orion's coughing, requests for water at 3:30am then MD's alarm going off at 4:30am and Orion deciding he was hungry and wanting to get up... I really didn't see how I was going to get through the day. But I did, linda gave me the afternoon off so I finished at 3:30pm went straight home and had a nap..thankfully so had enough energy to go to the awards night...MD looked after Orion. The awards night wasn't anything special, met some nice people, the food was O.K, and if it wasn't for the antics of one of my colleagues Suzy the night would have been deemed as fairly ordinary. Suzy is one of the most colourful personalities. She's 63, dressess with the pizazz of someone alot younger then her age yet pulls it off magnificently and is loud, brash and opinionated. Tells a great story and loves having a good time, she comes from a showbiz background and in her "youth" played with the likes of "Johnny O'Keefee", "Col Joy" and many more from that era. She's a hoot and took umbrage at a man who had said she sounded 'common'. The language she used to express explicitly to this man that she wasn't and he was, was beyond colourful..but very entertaining. By the time I got into bed it was 1am and I crashed. I thanked 'god' for one of a better choice to thank, that I didn't have alcohol swirling through my system. I was so tired and had not even felt tempted to even have a glass of bubbly. With too much to do this weekend it felt it would have been more of a hindrance.
So in light of a late night, I have taken it easy at work and enjoyed just going at my own pace. I took a 3/4 hour lunch break as I was craving a Caramel milkshake, wanted to check out the activity boards at the Malvern Central Toyshop and there was a 20% sale on knickers at 'Target'. Then I had a brain wave...I was required to bring a little something for Jo's dowry present for tonight's hens night and bought her a lovely g-string (sounds awfully tacky) plus a make-up bag that insinuated what was inside...but graphically very cute. So there I think I have fulfilled my quota of 'things' to do. Now all that is left is to spent the afternoon drawing up a couple of kitchens and preparing for this evenings entertainment. I'm halfway through a very long weekend. Yay!

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