November 30, 2006

34 weeks.

This week after a very hectic weekend I have spent what ever energy I have accumulated from that evening's sleep this week has flowen it's Thursday already and I seem to be packing in so much! Saturday night's hen's night was a hoot with dinner at Punch Lane Food & Wine Restaurant for friends then drinks at The Gin Palace...It has to be my cheapest night out as I stuck to water...not very glam! I felt huge but the company was great..the even funnier aspect was the bridesmaid and the bride -to-be later on having a tiff! I fortunatley missed it and was glad to have left at just after midnight. It was a shame to 'hear' it happened but not suprising the two in question are extremely close and are more like sisters and just have that effect on each other. Still it did create the obligatory "oohh's" that we like to do after hearing some gossip. Sunday we woke to our favourite Aunt and Uncle coming over for 'brunch' then headed off to Fitzroy for a coffee bumping into a dear friend and her mother visting from England who is just delightful. Then off to the 'Labour in Vain' pub to celebrate another birthday, this one was Jovva's one of MD's band members. Monday was unassuming, a walk to the library and then hung out at home all day until mid afternoon when I meta friend who is also a rep for Laminex and we discussed coloured melamine board whilst Orion made us imaginary cups of tea! Tuesday was another meander at home day, I got stuck into reading my book "Lipstick Jungle" By Candace Burgen of 'Sex in the city" fame. I have to admit I finished the book later that night and it was a tad lame, so many books in this genre have the same plot. Rich successsful women surviving life in New York...I love the idea of it and wistfully think I wish I had thought of it back in my twenties....but i didn't. Tuesday evening was special tho, MD treated us to a night out at 'The Stokehouse' as a last treat before Booba #2 is born. As we really don't see ourselves being able to go out for dinner for a while, once our second child is born. It certainly has dawned on me the changes we will have to endure with a second child but nothing my mothersgroup hasn't inspired me with after observing them all as they have found their feet to get out and about with in some cases three little children on tow! Anyway I have had a week of swollen ankles and loads of movement from Booba #2 My face looks a little puppy and I'm recieving all sorts of comments ranging from "How big" I am to "How small" I am...then what sex the baby is going to be. It's still 50/50 with the jury, and I am not commiting to any of the suggestions. I'm 34 weeks and enjoying the process still and that's whats important.

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