October 26, 2006

Birthday celebrations

Well, MD turns 35 today and I have been feeling quite frazzled as I get everything
prepared for his celebrations. Why? Well I really messed up last year and he had such a average day that even in hindsight I would have been disappointed too and I was! So on continuing with this entry today being the 28th October now....it all went well! I had made a concerted effort to write down a list things MD would like for his birthday. Nothing extraodinarily different but items he would appreciate and thankfully he did! Whilst I shopped I allowed Orion to be distracted as he has the biggest mouth for telling people exactly what their present is before they open it..It does mean that Orion was spoilt with a couple of little things to keep him distracted, like when we were at Dymocks book store, I allowed him to comb through and select a book from the "Thomas the Tank" engine series..he's become quite the collector and chose "Spencer" as his next purchase. I'd rather buy him a book then a sweet treat anytime. So with the presents opened after arriving home from work we headed off to the city with Jody to meet up with Rex and Kirky at our favourite Japanese restaurant "Yamoto". Food took forever to arrive but was well worth it. So the Birthday celebrations were a success and I felt that MD had appreciated the effort, until we realised we hadn't sung "Happy Birthday' to him the next day..so that will have to be rectified with maybe a late cake and singsong...I always believe dragging out the b'day celebrations for at least a week.

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