September 07, 2006

Vanessa wins

I finally found the time to try my friends banana cake recipe and it definitely wins. After all my disasterous attempts with banana cakes, the worst being the cake I got off another blog site, but then I know I didn't convert 300F in celcious acurately! So hence that one was a joint effort, if done correctly the recipe looks like a cracker! But so is this one that Vanessa gave me. I had to text her as I watched my fellow Playgroup mothers enjoying a slice and she texted back saying she had baked a cake on the weekend with banana and pineapple. Suddenly i felt very intrigued..I have had cravings for citrus, probably because I am still rundown..but didn't feel like whinging about it this entry! Also with the advent of summer looming it's great to get back the summer tastes yummo!

Okay a little whinge, I woke up last Sunday (Father's day here in Australia) with dizzy spells. I tell you I wasn't in the mood. But I percervered through the day, I was determined we take MD out for breakfast, a break from routine. Then we were caught up with a very dear friend of mine, who I am making out sounds ancient but is the same age as me! I hadn't seen Paul well in over 4 years, so it was delightful to catch up and have a laugh. He hadn't met Orion and we never really had a chance to aquaint him with him as we ate, chatted about our trip to Japan and caught up on old friends and aquaintances and then suddenly it was time for him to go! Just like that. On monday I went to the Doctor at least this time with a smile on my face, she told me to rest and the dizzy spells would go within a couple of days. I've still got them and they aren't as strong but I just wish this bloody virus would give me a break. I can't take anything for it because of the pregnancy and it is driving me nuts. I have put so many things on hold to get better and I'm sick of getting better, I just want to be well and not waste energy on illness. Oops! on my soapbox had to let it off my chest. So I am at work waiting for people to call to confirm pricing of items they had already approved and suddenly I have these spurts of energy then have to regroup. I feel weary but at least I'm not having to be bed ridden or confined the house because I can't drive. I shouldn't really be driving now but I'm not going far and being super careful. I am enjoying the new hire car we have acquired while our little run around is being repaired of all it's dings from the two different arseholes who have driven into it and then flee the scene. Man I hope Karma gets them back.

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