August 31, 2006

I could have sworn

I am sure I posted an entry last week..Oh well, maybe I thought that would be nice and never got around to it. I was pretty sick last week and with the stress of not only being responsible for my partner and child's wellbeing, my headspace was clouded with tiredness and drained. This week has seen all three of us pick-up, we all have colour in our face and appetites are improving...I don't think mine has ever been in doubt although there were a couple of days last week when I felt like not eating but that was never going to happen. I am now 21 weeks pregnant and really enjoying feeling movement. At this stage it's the fluttering, occaisional kicks and hiccups. A sensation I was trying to explain to MD last night after we had seen "Gomez" in concert at the Hi-Fi Bar. He had asked if there had been any movement from Booba #2 during the concert and I replied "Not really". When I was 6 and half months pregnant with Orion we attended a "Massive Attack" concert at Rod Laver Arena and there were some real heavy base sounds which suprisingly and no urban myth here, I swore the baby was kicking to. I am seeing signs of natural good rhythm with Orion so I'll kid myself and say 'yes' he heard the baseline.
"Gomez" were mellow last night and thankfully I managed to find a position that enabled me to sit down and enjoy the concert. I'd worn very unsensible shoes and paid the price after 2 and half hours of standing waiting for the first band who finally came on stage at 9:30pm. The support band whose name no-one knew and whose stage presence everyone was pretty tired of by the end of their set. Maybe "bored" is a better descriptive word. There were some truly major tossers hanging out where I was positioned. The classic cliches of concert goers, like the girl who is so drunk she asks everyone including the bouncer if they have any 'Pot'...Seriously it's hardly an outrageous statement. Anyway enough of me being older and cooler.
So tonight I head out again..(I have to take advantage of these situations) to dinner with my Playgroup Mamma's to "Vodka Borsch and Tears" whahhh no vodka for me... but I have heard the food is pretty excellent. I'll let you know.

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