August 19, 2006

Feeling great

I hope it lasts. I love Saturday afternoons cause I have almost finished work. I get the chance to take 15 min break to type in my blog, soon to change with a home computer purchase on the horizon. After a awful hectic start to the day. Orion who is very much a morning person awoke today and after 5 minutes was grizzly, sad and not his normal self. MD said he was faking it but a mother's instinct knows! So I managed to feed him most of his breakfast and made our way to the showroom. Orion had to stay with me cause MD was using every ounce of energy to get himself to the Doctor's. Orion deteriorated within minutes, he didn't want to play with Linda's son Spencer, whom he loves. He came out to the front showroom and put his head on the table. I eventually got to him and cuddled him where he fell alseep in my arms. I had rang my sister to pick him up cause I knew he couldn't last in the showroom. Linda cuddled Orion too and encouraged him to sleep, he was just zonked. I was so close to tears, I hate seeing him that wiped by a virus. My sister Kirsten arrived and got him home safely, where MD could meet her. When I last rang Orion had just awoke and was crying for me which is very disheartening, but at least he's with his father and safe. So I somehow managed to get through a meeting with client's and then buy lunch and enjoy some reflection. I have also just had a chance to chat with two prospective clients which is always a buzz because I love the fact that there's another movement of people who appreciate and aspire to the work that is done at the showroom. I am feeling very inspired myself and am looking forward to having my studio set-up as I planned and hence the projects commenced as planned. It feels great!

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