September 09, 2006

Retail therapy

Yes! I have been indulging. I finally found some time to visit 'Frou Frou', which is a maternity shop located on Glenferrie Road where I work, and has the yummiest clothes for pregnant and non-pregannt women. I bought a dress and a tank-top. I'm already thinking of things I can buy to go with this yearning of a new sexier, feminine wardrobe that I have been wanting to cultivate. I love pants but wear them too much because they are so reliable. What started this whim was being in the car a couple of weeks ago with my MD and another male friend Jody (yes!Jody) and we observed a girl in a beautiful red and white dress, Jody excitedly pointed out that Spring and warmer weather is in the air (ignore the awful Melbourne weather today overcast and raining now!!) and whilst they were admiring her feminine form I was thinking the same and I can wear that to! So off on my pilgrimage to find a dress that flattered a pregnant body! I'm also in the market for three quarter length pants then some more tops with colour. Clothes I might add that look really funky even after I have had my second child. I remember all too well the want to get out of pregnancy clothes and making the big mistake of going to Target and buying some off the rack t-shirts (that were way too small for my swollen bust) and tracksuit pants, 3 weeks after I had had Orion. What was I thinking? or not thinking. Thankfully as the weight dropped off me I managed to purchase some funky pieces which I can go back to eventually, but I really feel if I start off with the right pieces it's not going to be so hard to want to get back into them straight after the birth and one less thing I'll hopefully not put energy into. Those T-shirts incidently were sold at a garage sale I had last year, and the track suit pants are good dag-around the home never to be seen in public item. It's nice to splurge after a shitty couple of weeks I feel a little wardrobe cheer is exactly what a girl needs. Now if only I could put that sewing machine to good use. One day!

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