August 03, 2006

Editing madness

Oh my god... I have just read through my last three entries as you do when life seems to be flashing past you and I couldn't believe how many 'awful' grammatical errors and spelling mistakes I had made. So I have edited all these entries to be a little more word perfect. We have lice again and I am waiting for a washing machine that hasn't been delivered yet. Interesting how I am for first time ever the complaining customer, "You said it would arrive today..." Wow I do have the right to say these things... I always felt they were something someone else said. So we did buy our white goods on the weekend and wait for it a bed! After realising that MD's 14 year old mattress which had moulded to our bodies was not comfortable or that good for us and thirdly - as my weight and size increases wasn't going to probably give me the support that a fast approaching heavily pregnant women requires, so we did it and no regrets. The only thing is after sleeping on a bed that is comfy cause it has moulded to you to one that is straight as a board and "chiropractic endorsed" you are bound to wake up in the middle of the night as I did and think "mmmm is this bed really comfortable?" I'm sure it will become that way, just happy to have a new bed. Now, I want new sheets.

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