July 29, 2006

A lovely chat

Just got off the phone to a client... who is absolutely charming and it's so nice to make a connection with someone who is approximately the same age and of the same approach in life. Lately I have managed to have quite a few lovely chat's with friends and family. Why do I mention this? Well I just feel prior to this last week every conversation I was having was peppered with drama, tension, inuendo and just not that enjoyable. So this week, there have been happy stories, lovely news (like my sister telling the family she is pregnant) and people just in general enjoying life this week, it's such a relief. I feel that we have seen a turn around in fortune and it's been a long time coming. The first good news, whilst final results aren't in, is that my Amniocentisis went well, it was daunting but after I had it, the relief and reassurance I had from both the Ultrasound and the attending Doctor who was so positive and helpful made me feel alot more confident. Work after a stressful month has been showing positive signs as tension with clients and unresolved issues looks like being resolved. Importantly MD and I after a hilarious couple of weeks with head lice, washing machine blowing up and everything else that makes this life a rocky road (no I'm not talking about food again)...can finally see "the wood through the trees" so to speak. So we are going 'all out' for white goods and going to purchase a Washing Machine, Fridge and Microwave, about time. Funny to get so excited about white goods but sometimes something new does bring a little 'zing' into one's life and to cast out old items that have been well used and loved for years is part of that revolving cycle of life..except in the case of humans and animals this slightly not well thought through philosophy certainly doesn't stand.

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