July 22, 2006


Yummo! I have just polished off a sandwich which I believe I have become enamoured with....Can that happen? Anyway I have rediscovered Foccacia at the local cafe near my work. They do these suburb combinations of fillings on either Panini or Foccacia. I, out of great fondness for this bread back from my days living in Sydney when Foccacia and Latte's were very hip..(work with me here, I was only in my early twenties!!) Anyway today I opted for the roasted vege's, pesto, rocket and cheese combo... How good was that and for little treat (something I am enjoying at least once a day) a Florentine... this delightful biscuit full of fruity, nutty crunch and chocolate was also introduced to me by my mother when the family lived in Sydney in 1987. We were very fortunate to live in Paddington and had the most wonderful Pattiserie within walking distance. I was 19 that year and my life had gone from being one of the stressful and upsetting experiences in 1986 (when I wad 18)- making the mature decision to do year 13, Mum diagnosed with a brain tumour and thus watching my father emotionally implode and explode so that family life was unbearable, breaking up with a dear old longtime boyfriend then going out with a guy who "everyone wanted" with whom I ended up breaking up when I moved to Sydney (best thing that ever happened) and still today realise he was an absolute jerk!!!!! But hey all in hindsight. I have lovely memories of that first year in Sydney, I remember writing in my journal I could not believe how good life was...which may sound a little nieve, but how lovely is that! The innocence of genuinely being happy. So lunch today has warmed me first with great taste sensations (I inhaled that Florentine) and secondly that food can emote memories that I still hold dear. I'm very pleased that my childhood can hold happy memories, for all the hard yards it is the little things that give pleasures and still give us pleasure almost 20 years later!!!

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