July 20, 2006

A Life of Lice.

Well, I have another first. Having never had Lice, we detected the horrid little mites in our sons hair last night. Two baths, head washes and a child who had had enough, we fed him ice cream and he went to bed with still a couple of eggs in his head (bloody hard to eradicate!. Today I double checked his head there was one flea and lots of eggs I thought bugger it I'll take him shopping, replace the Thomas the Tank engine that was lost at "Billy kids" indoor play centre and then I'll bathe his head. Irresponsible parent 'Yes!', Happy child 'Yes!' so with those sort of odds I am happy to say I felt my irresponsibility was cancelled out for the fact that my child didn't start the day 'cross' or 'howling'. Once home, I left him in MD's capable hands and scooted to work to find out what the rest of the day had in stall for me. Not much as it really turned out. So I have been fart arsing around and actually enjoying just having a break to think and organise the little things that help my world go around. By the way The "Bring on the Junta" gig went really well considering MD had lost his voice, people were walking out of the venue half way through their gig and yet they ended up being paid the most money ever for a gig, Oh the irony!!!!

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