August 10, 2006


hey I had to give into cravings. So I bought x2 banana yesterday they were selling for $12.95 per kilo, it roughly worked out at $3.25 for each banana. Was it worth it? Yes I ate it today after a particularly trying phone call with a client and it managed to give that desired effect....a positive sugar rush.
Other great news is I recieved a phone call from my obstetrician Dennis yesterday and he said the results of my amniocentisis were 'normal'. It is wonderful news because it confirmed what I had felt all along. Nice to know I can rely on my gut feelings. (excuse the pun!)
Again for all the silly little things that have been happening lately one single piece of good news just helps to put that 'skip' in my step.
I have also done my tax return and am so waiting for that invitable cheque cause that is what I am using for my home computer and all these little projects that I have been wanting to start can begin... it also means the bookcase that I had my eye on for ages in Ikea can be purchased for my studio and seriously I will start to feel organised. It's a nesting thing as it's a combination of wanting to have both my studio & the nursery combined in this little room and I just want it too be right, especially before booba #2 arrives. It's so almost there it's the key peices of furniture that are required. I also feel we need another chest of drawers but hey that's a list I can compile away from here. I do like thinking out aloud.
So on a final note, have I mentioned I have some frozen banana's that really need to be used. I have been sourcing a good recipe and have narrowed it down to one my good friend Vanessa and the other from the very cute blog 'My little Mochi'. I am so excited I am going to have a bake off (I really am nesting!!!!!) so tonight I am going to attempt the latter of the two recipes cause I actually do have all the ingrediants at home. I feel creative and I fell like expressing it through baking.

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