July 01, 2006

Another year Another b'bque

Well it may turn into an annual celebration. We are holding a B'bque for Orion's 3rd b'day this time with close family and friends. The theme in today's climate was very appropriate, "World Cup" wearing your favourite country's colours. So whilst I'm at work being very productive today. MD, Orion & Grandma are going to do the preparations we have possibily chosen the coldest day to have B'Bque, 14 degrees but with wind and rain...all activitys are certainly in-doors.
On a creative front the all stops have been pulled out but I have this little list and patience is my virtue. I know they will get done but I have so many lists at the moment to go through...creating is still in my top 10.
One of my most pressing thoughts at the moment is I was informed by my Obstetrician that I should have an amniocentisis test. I'm a little nervous about the procedure as it does require a large needle and the diagram's showing the needle puncturing the stomach and uterus in section do not help. It does have to be done, Why? because suprisingly to me, my age has put my statistics for a child with a disability at higher risk. From when I was pregnant with my first child where my stats were so low that I didn't have to worry at all to high enough that it's not an option but a must to ensure my child doesn't have Downs syndrome or other chromosonal abnormalities. Gosh what a difference a few years can make in the changes in a woman's body regarding giving birth to a healthy child. I feel confident about the results but it's not to say you can't help put ponder the 'What if?'

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