June 22, 2006

Exciting News

I cannot believe it is over a month since I last posted! Anyway life has become more wildly interesting and challenging. A week after my last post I had been experiencing nausea and so did a home pregnancy test, which confirmed yes indeed I was definitely pregnant. I was so happy and so very emotional. It has been lovely news. That same week MD and I celebrated 12 years of coupledom (unofficially married) and this week we celebrated Orion's 3rd birthday on the 19th June. The other news was that we also met our obstetrician this week and had an ultrasound only to discover we are 3 weeks more advanced in the pregnancy then we intially thought!!! So I am actually 11 weeks 5 days and my new due date is 8th January or as some pundits have reminded me Elvis's B'day.
Orion's b'day celebrations were loads of fun, he awoke and called out to me so I raced into his bedroom and sang him Happy Birthday, we then made breakfast and he received call after call from my family singing him Happy Birthday he loved it and said "They are singing to me again". MD came home from work early and via Toys'r'Us and had purchased for Orion from Nanna Pam a table for his now evolving Thomas the Tank engine set amongst other things. He loved it, when he saw the box (too big to wrap) he exclaimed "This is fantastic". So after opening his other presents, we set about assembling it..(photo to be posted once I have downloaded my overloaded camera phone.) Once MD was ready we headed off to the city, intially with protests only because the train set and Nasa semi-trailer with ones own space shuttle seemed a little too exciting to leave, we explained that they were his too keep and would still be at home waiting for him to play with once we had our big day out. So off we caught the tram into Southbank we decided to have lunch at Blue Train, a funky cafe overlooking the water with lots of Sparrow's flying around and a new generation of waiters with extensive peircing's and the next generation of toddlers trailing along Mum and Dad's want for the Southbank experience. The food was delicious, our boy was fun and very cheeky, once he knocked over his milkshake we decided it was time to go the Aquarium. The Aquarium was something that filled Orion with wonderment and laughter. Fishes with mouths opening, big googly eyes and an amazing awray of colours. I also loved identifying with him the characters from Nemo to the actual fish the characters represented- the clown fish for Marlon and Nemo etc Orion really dug it, towards the end he started to tire so not wanting to get caught up in the rush to get home we caught a tram and he promptly fell asleep in MD's arms, it was gorgeous day. It didn't end there we got home put to him to sleep on the couch, I raced out the door bought stuff for dinner..cooked the fastest roast lamb and thankfully even though it was a little late to eat, was delicious and demolished..with Auntie Kirky, Rex and Jody we sang Happy Birthday let off poppers..soon after the guest's left and we all collapsed into bed....a very satisfying day!

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