May 18, 2006

A day of reflection

Boy oh Boy! I was so hoping to have my scarves done by now for the Scarf festival. I am in no position now to have anything submitted for the festival much to my disappointment. I realise there have been times where I could have made the time but the last 3 weeks have ended up seemingly just as full with new challenges physically and emotionally. Physically I have been dealing with a back problem...I never have back problems! But I do now and am having physio and rather excruciating Remedial massage (very effective tho)I'm not an advocate for Chiropractors my personal preference is Physiotherapists. Apparently I only need 4-5 more sessions, I hope so. On the emotional side a family member passed away last Thursday 11th May. Whilst I wasn't close to her, I was fond of her and appreciated her energy and enthusiasm for life. She was my cousins wife, 31 years old and mother of a 3 year old girl called Alex. The funeral was yesterday and was so confronting to realise someone so young was laying in the coffin before us. It wasn't difficult to be swept up in the emotion of it all especially when her husband spoke and ended his speech by explaining to his little girl that Mummy was in heaven. I haven't be able to stop thinking of her and her life and what she was able to achieve in the time she was alive. It was humbling, inspiring and in reflection you can't help to think that we may just take our lives for granted. I'm not going to attempt some ridiculous proposal of radically changing my life and attitude. It has been changed though, by this young woman's journey and the way she valued every waking moment and wasted no opportunity to explore, challenge and enjoy her life. I salute her, Vale Meaghan.

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