March 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Taken on the night of my birthday by the waitress at the first bar we went too! I like the artistic quality of this! (me being polite for bad framing..but it works)

I couldn't resist....and why not. Birthday's come but once a year..and now I'm feeling abit better about the whole Birthday thing after the start to the day was an absolute shocker! Firstly, Orion wanted to hop in the "Big bed" that's what he calls our bed. So that's fine I love snuggling up to him...but then his little fist comes out unintentionally and I catch a little finger in my eye. Ow! We hop up and both if I'm not over cooking the toast, the coffee tasted terrible. MD then calls from work and I burst into tears, not exactly how I had imagined starting my day. My version was much nicer with fresh crossiants and coffee then off to yoga! So in tears, things that had been bugging me for the past two days came flooding out, boy I really hoped that turning 38 wasn't going to be so emotional I hate this stuff especially on my birthday! SO I got myself together and then my sister calls and she and her partner Rex sing me "Happy Birthday" out come the tears again! I ended up finishing that phone call and then curled up and thought I must get myself together... another phone call it's my friend Megs and that was a welcome relief because she was very cheery and by that stage I was over crying. In fact her conversation set the tone for the day. I picked myself up showered with Orion, dressed us and had us out the door an hour and half later then I wanted but I got out the door! From there on it's been delightful and I've just had lunch with some very dear friends from work combined with a delicious meal and saucy topics of conversation..I feel alot on that note I'll look foward to an even saucier evening with MD as Orion is being babysat and may dance a tango or two to lift the spirits! Happy 38th Birthday, day one has been one hell of a ride.

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