March 03, 2006

My Studio

I have published photo's of my studio (my tounge-in cheek name for the smallest room in the house), the next photo is my easel with one of the frames my father made for me on request for stretching my silks. Finally a detailed shot of the first silk I have painted in three years! possibly longer it's not qutie finished here, but it shows some of the detail I like to go into. I'm not your standard silk painter and possibly there would be alot of silk painters who could critisize my technique. I like what I do which is amazing for me because I one of my harshest critics. I'm have finally decided to start selling my work and have a small quota to which I will fulfil in the next couple of weeks to get the ball rolling...

I love finally seeing my work up on my site, as it inspires me to want to go home and paint. This feeling is novel after many years of painting then literally packing all my art supplies up and making room for my beautiful boy but now I have space again and thoroughly enjoying the process.

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