April 01, 2006

exciting times

I have a new job folks! Yes...much perserverence, tears and grit. I was rewarded by a phone call phone call offering me the job! What a blast... I felt such a range of emotions but held it togther and savoured the moment for a couple of days and then on Friday the 17th march at approx 1:30pm I walked into the Principal's office (his preferred title) and told him I'm leaving, he asked how much notice I was giving him and I said today! It was bold after working for him for 4 and a half years exactly, but after no work for 6 months and continuing promises of work and then watching any work that came in for Interior Design being handed to other people I didn't have to wonder where his loyalty's lay, not with me! It's quite a confronting situation to be shelved but not discussed, he's 'oh so polite' and a the biggest coward I have ever worked for. It's been an interesting journey but I can't deny I have leart alot but my thanks would indeed go to my colleagues who were very supportive and never critical, just gave constructive advice. I am indebted to these collegues with whom I have become friends with and with whom I take their loyalty and support with me as I flew the coup, so to speak. I am now working for a smaller firm that specialises in Kitchens and Interior fitouts and just love the point of difference the company sells it self on. They specialise in reclaimed timbers, painted finishes and decorative detail that of the kind I have never worked with before. It's delightful and really growing on me. I will have some pictures of my old work up on this site within the next month and then some examples of the new style I work with, the contrast is striking and visually very interesting. So on tht note I embark at 38 years old on new adventures and am very excited by the turn of events which has led to this different direction in my life.

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shlinki said...

i've been meaning to say for a while - yaaaay! congrats honey. we need to catch up soon - how many times have we said that??