February 09, 2006

I have worked it out!

All right I have have worked this out! Suddenly my blog has a new aspect to it, YAY! pictures! So I have another focal point. I have pasted a photo from my trip to Japan in 2005. This is taken at one of the most serenely beautiful temples in Nara. These boxes are the Japanese equivalent of bathing boxes for buddhism. Where prayers and poems are left by the family who own them, the pathways are dotted with them and they are just beautiful. This particular temple (i'll insert name next posting) also has a World heritage listing and it's very understandible. Anyway I'm inspired I'll have to start taking more photo's and pasting. Today I am labouring over my sample boards because I'm bored! This job is tedious and I just am hoping that one of my offers for work comes through. I have had an offer that could show some great potential but i am not holding my breath, because it actually is work I could get very excited about yet I'm unsure where my skills can fit in? I'll elaborate more when I know more, Monday apparently. Otherwise I awoke very thick headed today, with the advent of weather 35 degrees yesterday and 21 degrees today with wind and rain is always such a drain. I perked up over two cups of coffee and the adrenalin started to flow and I got back in my groove. Consquently we had a late start to the day, Orion arrived late to "Booba School" as we affectionatley call it, cause it's not actual 'School' and 'Childcare' sounds too clinical in my humble opinion. He wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of going and hasn't been lately. Basically he's changed "Booba School's" and as he articulated to me a couple of weeks ago. "There's too many people" I would reinterpret that as, There's too many people that aren't familiar too him! My poor baby is experiencing change and can actually articulate it, which made me feel very upset at the time. Each week seems to improve and now there are just sad glances and a resigned little voice says, "See you mum". God I never thought even two days at Childcare could be this tough, but he'll learn to like it as he loved his old one, He's just got to adapt and reintroduce himself too all the new people. I just don't remember these aspects of my toddlerhood, does anyone? I wonder if he will?

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