February 07, 2006

Blogging newbie

Huh! I promised photo's an still can't get them to come up. Bear with me as i do some more research and photo's will be added shortly! There are plenty let me tell you. So the studio is finished..which is a great feeling. "Studio" sounds so flash, it really is a tounge in cheek label for the smallest room in the house, if we had more kids it would be the room that 'sucked' cause it doesn't have built-in-cupboards and would fit a double size bed and a wardrobe and that's it! But I modestly add with my ingeniously hide that box here, turn up the single bed on it's side with a peice of cloth thrown over for good measure and my very old drawing board that Dad bought me from "Ikea" when I started University. It works, I have all my paints out, my easel set up and my first canvas with silk stretched! commenced. (a photo would be nice, bear with me) I'm very fond of my drawing board, it's so ricketty now but it's like part of me so I can't let it go yet. Dad was very sweet when he bought the table for my course. Although I still don't think he quite grasp's how the industry works or what I do. When I told him 4 1/2 years ago (lets not get too precise here)that I was going to be working as an Interior Designer at a firm, he asked me if I was going to take the desk he gave me. I gulped and said "No Dad, they have a fully fitted out office, I'll keep my board at home for me". On one hand I thought "What the?.." why would he ask me something like that? He's a man with 4 degree's including his Masters has run several business's and How old does he think I am? Then I thought "Settle Petal" he's your Dad, it's cute, just go with the flow and humour him - nicely. I did, he was happy, I was happy and that's gotta about as cute as Dad I get. He's a great Dad.

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