January 31, 2006

We are getting there!

Well I'm back in the office and there's still no work for me! What's the story? I work for a Building Design company where there's no motivation to seek work for their employees? and I have these mounting bills with no reasonable quick fix solutions to pay them! How do I ensure I can stay in my field of work?, which I love, find work and be paid for it? By advertising...yet they can't advertise cause the idea is to re-set up the Interior Design dept (that's what I've been jokingly calling it for years cause it's just been me) now there's two of us with no work..great existence hey! Why don't I go out on my own? I'm trying (fear). Well I've put the feelers out for freelance work through friends and colleagues. We shall see, I don't want to be a perpetual whinger on this subject as I have alot of very exciting projects for me to pursue. I'm also motivated after deciding that my house is a disaster area and that for someone who is selling her serices as an Interior Designer it's abit of a joke...no seriously..I'll eventually get some photo's on my site and you'll see. At the very least I'm thinking about how to tackle the problem and that has to count for something. Today I went to a little exhibition at the Glen Eira Townhall. They advertise works of art by Brett Whitely, Arthur Boyd etc..so not that I didn't enjoy looking at the etchings and paintings of said artists, but they had one from each artist. I guess it was the council's collection but how provincial is that! Well it's a five minute walk from where I live and I like exposing my son to an array of activities other then watching ABC kids all morning...he liked the echo in the gallery and let the word 'bah' resonate very loudly. He certainly was pleased with himself as he clutched Fireman Sam (the video) and we strolled out to the Japanese Garden to look at the goldfish.

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