January 27, 2006

Lickety split

Will be dashing off soon..but wanted to add details. All resolved with 'PMT man' so I'll revert to calling him MD..easy enough acronym..they are actually his intials and our son is known to call him.."My Daddy"..."Where's My Daddy...?" very cute or as we have adopted after our trip to Japan last year "kowia" ('cute' in japanese) I'll check that spelling for you. Creatively I have actually made a start. I have mounted up three of my silk frames with no time now to apply paint until my sister-in-law Jen has left. She's currently visiting which is absolutely lovely as she's lots of fun and a very good cook..I'm trying to think of the most subtle approach to ask her to cook her famous 'lemon chicken' dish..probably either out right ask her or buy the unknown ingrediants and then ask "how do you cook your lemon chicken..?.." you get my drift. The weather in Melbourne has been sweltering and today even tho it's not 40 degrees is quite thick with humidity. For me that's an opportunity to say let's go shopping at Chadstone..stuff the "I only do strip shopping..,I'm to cool for shopping complex's"..I like my comfort's..air-conditioning, clean toilets and especially after I had my baby good facility's, privacy and cleanliness..all equals..no I won't say it let's just think it. So on that note I am dashing out the door..after selecting some rather lovely, long polished chrome door handles for an office fitout I am working on and when that job is completed I'll definitely be posting some pics as it's going to be quite spectacular. Modest I know.

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