January 24, 2006

Back on Track

Alright it's half way through January and I've had one posting, this my non-existent friends is about to change. I am happy to now update on more regular basis. So what have I been doing. Well with the advent of Christmas and New Year, over all was going swimmingly until an emotional upset in the ranks of friends, was resolved..yes I have to remain tight-lipped with details about this because 'karma' can get the best of us and boy it plays dirty tricks if you don't watch out! An example would be...silly but true... a friend once noted that her friend was putting on weight and made a jibe..years on the friend who made the jibe is huge! and friend that jibe was made to, is trim taut and terrific. Not that that's the most enlightened thing to have ever been written but hopefully you get my drift and we can now concentrate on less silly generalisations. I'm also good at 'rash decisions', 'swearing' and 'blurts' (Yes an "The Artists Way" terminology) but so bloody apt. I did it today, my partner and I had an argument for details sake lets call it 'Male PMT' jesus (blasphemy I know!) anyway jesus..I haven't read "Men are from mars...etc..." but if there was an award for momentus mood swing, I think my partner gets top prize for this week! We have all been cruising latelty, especially as the lead up to Xmas was not stressful. Xmas day ended up being blissfully relaxed. Even after our 2 year old commenced the day vomitting at 4am, he recovered and was thankfully able to enjoy the present receiving/giving ritual. We all enjoyed the yummy delights of Christmas and the highlight was the most magnificent Turkey that has ever been delivered to our table in a long time.(cooked non-other by 'Male PMT') Riding on the success of that plus a blissfully, relatives from interstate free holiday- until New Years but they had their own plans...New Years eve celebrations were lo-key but loads of fun!..So the bubble has burst and now I have a cranky pants man and a 2 year son who unfortunatley parroted me just before I left for work and told his father to "Piss-off Daddy" I can tell you I certainly didn't win any "your the best thing that's ever happened to me" points...So I slunk out of the house trying to remember the text from "Buddhism for mothers" about not swearing 'at all'...mmmm is that bad karma? On that note I shall re-read the entry about swearing in front of child.

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