May 09, 2011

updating more regularly soon....

I have finally been able to add text for this post, now that Blogger has seemingly returned to normal functioning. I'm starting to wonder wether blogger is where I want my blog and have started investigating other recommended options, after this last outage saw I wasn't able to write at all, for a couple of days, very frustrating.

However this post was more to say I am still here and always thinking I must write on my blog. I always have ideas of what I would like to write for a post, yet time hasn't been on my side as I juggle the demands of a  family, school holidays, sickness (colds, gastro and head lice!!) and add into the mix  looking for work. I am however happy to report that we have recovered from gastro, colds and have *fingers crossed*, conquered head lice!

So with those distractions as I like to see them, I have also had my feelers out for work, which has successfully culminated in contract work one day a week and consulting work as an Interior Designer, it's a start and I'm really pleased. I can see already after my first week how much of a juggle it will be and am very pleased that this isn't in hindsight but as it's happening, so It will be a work-in-progress over the next couple of months as the family rejigs itself with the new balance.

So the reason for the image was to celebrate my youngest sons birthday!! He turned 1 at the end of March and and when in utero was nicknamed 'The Pirate', a theme we gave for his first birthday. It's been an enormously challenging & rewarding first year. More on a personal level for me yet the upside of all of this has been this delightful little boy who as the youngest member of our family is the glue that has bind us as a family of five.

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