March 22, 2011

This week, Take two..

Image borrowed from the ACMI website see link below. I'm sure they won't mind it's a free plug afterall...

So I was so wanting to sound interesting, you know luncheons, Charity's, art galleries...but somehow that got lost in the mix of I really must bloody tackle this mess...I don't know what pea soup fog me and MD (Partner) have been living in and I'm sure I have been keeping up with house work???? But even stepping into the Kitchen and noting how sticky the floor is and some small child of mine has somehow stepped in paint and walked through the house undetected at the time. Funny when they aren't here you suddenly notice these trails and I'm seriously not sure how I missed it granted the said paint is sparkly green. I can however identify the culprit by the size of her foot!

So that is where I begin today and no I haven't even tackled the paint, that is in the too hard can't be bothered list for the moment...

However, have just started on washing and thanked Melbourne for it's inconveniently timed weather change, predicting thunderstorms as of yesterday that never came mind you! Problem was with all this glorious weather we decided to enjoy it!!! You know kids going for a walk/bike ride with their Dad whilst I worked at a market. Picnics for a friend's sons birthday - glorious and then you come home to your reality.

So my reality list for this week has to contain some balance of fun and work:

So checking off list -

tackled mounds of washing - started

fold & put away clean clothes that currently reside in piles on lounge and bed - started

vacuum - after this post

bored yet - I am

Take children to see  "Dreams come true" at ACMI  - promised

That's getting better - check

Get started on Library floorplan - "what's this ?" you ask..I'll devulge later..

Ohhh... checked family planner have a night out for friend's 40th - check

Entertain smallest child who has just woken. - must go and will update again tomorrow...


Leni and Rose said...

Haha! Sounds like a very similar sort of day over at my place!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

That's a pretty impressive list I must say! I know exactly what you mean about the mess and not noticing it when they are around. Every evening when the house is quiet, I look around at the destruction my little one has caused around the house :)