October 04, 2010

To the gallery...(Blogtoberfest Day 4)

In the Hammock 1876 -Hans Thoma
(In der Hangematte)
Stadel Museum, Frankfurt
(image from the NGV website)

Today I finally saw the "European Masters - Stadel Museum, 19th-20th Century" at the NGV. There were so many exceptional, technically brilliant, beautiful paintings on display. I really enjoyed escaping into the different styles, periods of painting and the many stories accompanying the artists and their work.
Well worth the visit and so glad I saw it before it finishes up on the 10th October...

I also really enjoyed the company of my parents as we strolled through the exhibition at a leisurely pace. It's so rare to spend quality time with them as they live interstate and so visits are usually confined to small blocks two or three times a year.  It's a case of quality not quantity and I really loved and treasured this shared experience. One that wasn't tainted with anything else but the 'here and now' and the only distractions were their 6 month old grandson who was also recieving alot of favourable attention. A very special day indeed...


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

What a lovely day out.

I love going to the gallery with my Mum. I think you've really touched on something with your comment about being in the 'here and now'. Somehow the gallery, or art, seems to really do that for my Mum and I too. It's nice.

flossy-p said...

Sounds like a great exhibition. It's amazing how much we can still admire the styles, techniques and compositions of works done so long ago.