October 03, 2010

Late evening catch-up (Blogtoberfest Day 3 -offically)

Catching up for my daily blog, I have paused 'Wall Street' on the TV as I hurridly type out this post...Wall Street isn't actually one of my favourite movies but as it was playing last night I couldn't resist recording it and revisiting this movie as a nostalgic trip back to the eighties. At the time this movie came out I was living in Sydney, studying Interior Design at Uni. This movie was big back then and with characters such as the Interior Decorator Darien as played by Darryl Hannah  whose fitout of Charlie Sheen's characters Bud Fox's apartment was hilarious!!! Even at the time I disliked the faux brick walls and the mottled paint effects and the colours selected were so garish, so tres chic..... Still I loved the movie for Gordon Gekko's memorable quotes...it's certainly been a huge trip down memory lane watching it

The movie playing afterwards was also a classic from my early twenties too, I had to record it as well ..Fatal Attraction...can't wait to watch that either! Then of course back to the cinema's to see the sequel - Wall Street: Money Never sleeps...Why not I say...

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