March 09, 2010

Cherishing the moment...

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I actually have Amber from "The Nutrients of Life" to 'thank' for inspiring me with the title of this post. I so agree with Amber who commented on my last post about "Cherishing the moment.." I think the biggest lesson I have learnt from my Saturday experience is to not dash around town and to take things more slowly...I have even cancelled a couple of dates with girlfriends, knowing I was pushing the boundaries with my energy levels and not wanting to feel constantly fatigued which is where I was heading a couple of days ago!

What I have been enjoying is a little bit of organising everyday. We arranged the baby's space in our bedroom. Unwittingly it has become tradition for our babies to spend their first year sleeping in the same room with us and we both absolutely love it. You become used to their snuffles, littlest noises & movements. It's much easier for me to pick baby up for a feed and not disturb my partner who has 4:15am starts in the morning. I also love the solitude of feeding in our lounge room, with large windows it helps give the room an airy feeling even with the moonlight streaming in.

What is lovely is we aren't even at that place yet and I am reminiscing from feeding my last baby there!

I am slowly gathering the final bits'n'peices for my hospital stay. Items required for birthing, for baby, for me, for us! and even a little something each for the soon to be older brother and sister...which is very exciting and daunting for both of them...

There is an air of anticipation with the pending arrival and each child seems to be developing their own coping skills and ways of communicating as they anticipate the change. We are very mindful of the effects of this and are seeing some uncharacteristic behaviour. We are trying to ensure a smooth transition of understanding at the changes it will bring by discussing their feelings with us, their insight is quite profound.

At the moment my son is going through behavioural changes that are seeing a more temperamental and emotional side to him and my daughter who is currently toilet training, seems to suddenly not communicating as to her want to go to the toilet and wetting herself alot more. These could be conincidental behaviours but I really feel that being intuitive to their needs at the moment is paramount for the whole family to have a good understanding of how the changes are effecting each of us, especially the children.

So a time to nurture and cherish is so important and recognise that this journey is for all of my family....

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