March 08, 2010

38 weeks and counting...

I'm at the tail end of my pregnancy. With all of the delightful ailments that afflict you as the baby slowly matures and your body is starting to struggle...

I have been keeping busy with the usual rounds of school and kindy commitments, catching up with friends, even a little bit of freelance work and even making it to 'The Baby show' held here in Melbourne over the long weekend. Saturday started as glorious weather and finished off with torrential rain and hail storms. Thankfully we had arrived whilst the weather was glorious to put it mildly and laughed as we heard the change in the weather(hailstones on a tin roof are VERY loud!) and was torrential rain when we left the Exhibition building.

However there had been a moment of clarity and I had brought an umbrella for myself and my daughter, so with accompanying Auntie's we laughed as we waded though the puddles and rushing water down the roads as we walked back into the city from Carlton Gardens.

We arrived at my sister's apartment block only to find that the lift wasn't working!! I took the plunge and walked up 4 flights of stairs where we freshened up before I decided now was good time to drive home!...What normally is a 25 minute drive, ended up as over an hour in the car as traffic came to a stand still on Punt Road. My daughter slept but I couldn't help but feel a little anxious, I just wanted to get home, like everyone else, however people were calm and music was a a great distraction.

'The Baby show' was interesting and very much tailored to convince pregnant women on many fabulous products (some you don't need), updated designs of now BPA free bottles, wizz bang toys, eco-friendly nappies (diapers!), space age prams, creams, more creams, Organic foods for toddlers and so many soft toys, blankets, bunny rugs, wraps, clothing for baby and Mamma's, it was almost overwhelming. I came away feeling I was more up-to-date with the market. Plus empowered with experience & hindsight with having baby number three, was not sucked in by all the new wizz band products and able to enjoy 'browsing'.

Still it's good to see what is being touted in the baby market place... My one true discovery that did have me a wee excited is the new to the Australian market 'Mothercare' range (From the UK!), they have opened a store at Chadstone...they have amongst many other ranges of clothes, toys and accessories a fabulous range of nursing bra's which is great! Considering when I had my first child over 6 years ago, the options for nursing bras were white, beige and purple. Maternity gear for Ante and post pregnancy has certainly improved outta sight!

Small things, but all it all helps when you are going though the transition of being beautiful & pregnant to a body recovering from nurturing a baby for nine months. As a women who has in the past gone through the despair of the body changes that a pregnancy brings, I am determined not to this time and celebrate a body that can give birth and wear clothes with pride...starting with a couple of nice bras!


one little acorn said...

Glad you made it home safely. I came back to Melb yesterday and was glad to beat the rain that arrived later. Very happy to have missed the chaos of the Saturdays storms.
Exciting times for you. Take care.

Ellieboo said...

My little Boo would love an Upsy Daisy umbrella - I better not let her see that picture

Amber said...

Oh do cherish those final weeks, they are sacred. Take