December 09, 2009

What's Hot + What's Not (on time ;-)

Yay... must mean stuff is slowing down for me...well for a second!

It's onto What's Hot + What's Not meme today and so much has gone on in our week''

What's Hot

The 'fake' Christmas tree and my two year old's obsession with turning on the lights!... I bought this tree two weeks ago and sucked it back that I was buying a 'fakey', as we usually support our local scouting group and buy a 'real' tree...however as we are going away for a wonderful three weeks over Christmas & New Year..I didn't feel like coming back home to a dried and molting tree, pine needles are notorious for sticking to everything if you are not vigilant in vacuuming everyday! So a 'fakey' it is and looks nice to, even if the decorations were tripled up on some branches...

Picking my sewing machine finally!!!! and very excited...ignoring the hot looking new ones in the *said* shop and just keen to get back into sewing and then maybe upgrading if I develop a keen feel for it again...

Ticking off the boxes of the "To Do list..." including the many social engagements that sometimes can be met with an 'inner groan' yet once attended are a more...'That wasn't too bad after all' feeling...

My daughter persisting with dressing up as Batman or Spiderman...fairy costumes do get a look in... However today she was 'Batman girl' as she described herself. She decided to wear this particular outfit matching it in with her Red & white polka dot shoes.

Finding a very cute Red hat with white Polka dots. I don't normally keep clothing I find on the street but this was in mint condition and no one in sight to claim it. It fits her (daughter) perfectly and it is for swimming...Have I got a theme going here?

Actually making EVERY swimming lesson for the 10 week course I signed both children up for. Normally you would guess we would miss one or two. We were able to make it through the whole course for both of them, there's a real sense of achievement here.

Having our 'funky' *tongue firmly planted in cheek* retro seventies brown optical illusion splashback tiles (try selling that concept that at a tile shop!)replaced after they were about to fall off the wall, in fact the tiler just took them off as if they were placed on a bookshelf. The selected choice, cream. Whilst it opens up the Kitchen space, for me it's a tad boring, Oh well..

Two more working weeks until my holidays...but whose counting!!!

What's Not

Hearing the crack of my son's head in the playground...running over and finding he has a big bruised egg on his forehead, but he recovered well and was back playing within 5 mins...THANKFULLY!!

My daughter running at the pool after being told several times not to ( Yes, I became the fishmonger's wife!) she slipped over and also banged her forehead...she too has a matching bruise and egg on the opposite side to her brother... as cute as this sounds, banging your head unfortunately is definitely NOT hot.

Not agreeing on a name for our unborn child, Yet. Still we do have abit of time up our sleeve...Why is this so difficult???

Doubling up of Events and wanting to attend both...this is happening on two occasions this week! Very annoying, this time of the year is becoming more ridiculous. I am aiming to transfer some Christmas celebrations to the Winter Solstice for an even distribution of social events throughout the year. Just a thought.

So to join with Loobylu's meme What's Hot + What's Not...join in here!

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Anonymous said...

How cute...poka dot batman girl! Super cool!
No way...EVERY swimming lesson for 10 weeks - that is pretty hot!
Chele x