November 29, 2009

Just a minute in.....November 09

Wow November, what a month!

Travelling: On a plane with my daughter interstate and how much fun that was to spend some quality 'one on one' time with her... Watching her discover her Grandparents house and garden, so many treasures... Spending time with her cousins, who cried when it was time to leave... heart breaking. Just a lovely restful weekend.

Reading: Back onto crime thriller and currently reading a Dennis Lehane novel.."Gone Baby Gone" the premise of which is a hard subject matter given it's about a couple of children disappearing... but it's well written thus far and some interesting characters...I'll let you know!
Also reading my usual bag of favourite magazines Vogue Living, Inside Out, Frankie & much more...need some new inspiration for Design mags...

Assembling: IKEA of course, with the decision made not to move until baby is born (& not right away I might add too!!)..we need storage and more starting with a Chest of drawers for my daughter, who was so excited after I finished assembling it she had to sit next to it for the rest of that night... it was very cute.

Cooking: Lighter meals and more salads...and currently awaiting my box of mangoes, bought from one of the many school fundraisers we have had this year and one of the better healthier options! Very excited, especially for my children who will be encouraged to eat and my partner who will have to suffer the aroma (he is one of those few unfortunate people who hate mangoes and also cucumbers and I have met a few...feel sorry for them!)

Watching: Not the silly season swings into full commitments..I'm finding early nights and a good book my current companions...when in front of the box I am flicking and settling on food of Jamie's Kitchen on Foxtel and currently loving "Luke Nguyen's Vietnam"
on SBS.

Sewing: Very soon. I pick up my sewing machine this coming week from being serviced and very excited and very out of touch!!! My partner has joked that I'll be sewing all my clothes from now on! You never know...I know I do have to re familiarise myself with a sewing machine's going to be a long road but one I am excited to travel on again...

Loving: The weather which hasn't been too hot after extremes of November with 'very hot' to 'summer rain' it's been fun and everything feels a little greener and fresher before what I assume will be a big dry summer!!

Watching my tummy grow...24 weeks and feeling lots of movement, we are travelling well and enjoying some restful nights...

My son losing his first front tooth and the second one left dangling...quite a comical sight. The tooth fairy has been busy. My son certainly won't have his two front teeth for Christmas!

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