August 05, 2009

A Lovely award...

I recieved an email quite a while ago, that made my day. It was from Ellieboo who has along with
nominated my little blog along with six other of her favourite blog's for a "One lovely blog Award"'s a charming title!....

So I am able to pass on the mutual admiration award...

So following the rules below I have decided not to list and create links to the following blogs, but if you want to play please feel free to copy and paste the details and give out an award yourself, I am slightly taking the open approach but feel there's too many blogs I love out there and if you read mine you definitely deserve an award, since I have been light on the ground with any posting in the last 4 months!

1)The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2)Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3)Nominate 7 blogs.
4)Put a link to their blogs.
5)Leave a message for your nominees

Thanks so much Ellieboo for the award, it really did make my day and my apologies for taking the wimpy approach and keeping it open ended....

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