July 29, 2009

Just a minute in...July

At the tail end of July, I just had to squeeze in August Street's meme for "Just a minute...in July"...

Planning: To adjusting and overhauling everything in my life...in the meantime...My big plans are for a MAJOR overhaul of our house...We currently rent and I have always used this as a way to not make much of an effort, yet tired by my own apathy (kinda Ironic considering my profession) I have decided to stop dreaming about "future house" and work with what I have got....with the basic lists written out and small purchases I am planning to pep up and create more storage...So my first purchase is from Auntie Cookie and I have copied this photo from her Etsy website which you should check out here:

Shopping: Household items...see above for one of my inspired purchases. Next storage, not so exciting but an absolute necessity, tired of seeing everything I and my family own, out on show!

Watching: I have managed to get to the movies again this month and my last venture was to see "Coco avant Chanel", which was quite delightful and very easy on the eye. I love that it was mostly about Coco Chanel's early life and how the story develops to finally see her success in Paris...However what the movie didn't touch upon was that her first business went bankrupt and she had to start all over again, plus some of her very dodgy dealings with the Nazi's...There's so much to the Chanel story that wasn't touched upon but this movie is for the cinema and is pure escapism! The final scene when Chanel's collection is presented is breath taking...I wanted more!

Reading: Juggling my usual Interior Design magazines and dare I admit it, have pulled out "The Artists Way"...it's just the right time to revisiting Julia Cameron's inspirational book. I have also read on her website that she has written a sequel called "The Complete Artists Way", a book I'll be definitely investigating!

Eating: Vegetable soup, Chicken & veges with Cous cous, Roast Lamb and veges the usual simple fair and very enjoyable...cutting down on sugar and refined foods...it's making the difference to energy levels and wellbeing

Listening: The Howling Bells album, 'Radio wars', a Sydney band that's relocated to London...Was also introduced to Pearl Jam's new song "The Fixer" by my Finger-on-the-Pulse partner and really like it...definitely reminiscent of Pearl Jam of old, not that I require to listen to all music as a step back in time but this song resonated..

Of our holiday at the end of the year which incorporates Christmas with the family interstate and then 3 weeks at the beach...Yes count them!- 3 weeks!!! It's been years since I have had a holiday that long....definitely something to look forward too!

If you wanna join in visit Jen's blog August Street for more details.


one little acorn said...

Love the cushion. I also am a fan of the Artist's Way. Have yet to manage the entire 12 weeks, but I will get back to it again soon... and try again!

Jenaveve said...

Every now and then 'The Artist's Way' is just what is needed.

Wow - interesting note about Chanel's dealings with the Nazi's and that she was bankrupt at one stage. I didn't know that...

Love the cushion!