May 20, 2009

things are looking better...

looking better all the tiiimmmeeee....(picture crooning badly to the Beatles song..but it feels good!)

It's lovely to pass on an award and received such lovely feedback from your recipients...I then went about reading their responses to being 'awesummm' as I was curious as to how they would interpret this... As pointed out by Jacinta it's very hard to talk about yourself in glowing terms... I kept mine to the very basics and then started thinking about what I have been doing especially in the last couple of years and well it feels good... I haven't highlighted these aspects as I am utterly hopeless at talking about myself in glowing terms. I sell 'others' and 'items', but not myself... I wouldn't classify myself as a "glass'n'half" empty type of person', but just not sure how inspiring I am too others or my ability to make a difference in peoples lives. I'm am sure of an answer to most questions and can definitely 'think' deeply and 'swiftly' on my feet if the occasion arises but ask me seven, ten or three things about myself and I stumble...

So recognition on any level is a small step to understanding you have impacted on someone somewhere, that's my little speech and happy to move on and not reflect on this too much.

Thank you

Lil x

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