September 14, 2008

This is...What I do in my spare 10 minutes.

I love this weeks theme, not that every weeks theme isn't a wonderful challenge but this weeks is for all of us!

So how do I use my "Spare 10 minutes"? It's funny my weeks are full of, "I just do" scenarios...

So I feel 10 minutes of my spare time it not about paying bills or going to the park or chatting on the telephone, it really is about 'ME' has to be, purely and selfishly whether you have kids or not.

It's that time to unwind, recharge, be inspired, relax and reflect whatever you want to call it and for me it changes daily as to where I fit it in during the day and what I do in that time.

For instance and most unusually on Friday just past, I managed to meet two friends for lunch, do some shopping therapy, make a Beauty Therapists appointment and go for dinner! NOW a couple of things here...

This is not usual for me AT ALL! (notice capitals for that emphasis!)

I also realise my interpretation is a little askew considering it obviously didn't take me 10 minutes to do all of the above!

HOWEVER...It was a day to be treat myself and be pampered. I really learnt about how important that "10 minutes" is when my partner went overseas for 3 and half weeks and I was the sole parent. I did have my mother to stay, I certainly had friends generously come over and cook for us and my sister was an amazing help with babysitting on weekends whilst I worked but still the "Spare 10 minutes" was immensely important in that time.

Usually for me it was when the kids were tucked in bed, I would indulge in a glass of wine and park myself in front of the computer and catch up on all email and blog reading. I rarely watch TV (a stage!) and so my other indulgence was/is to read a book or magazine in bed and enjoy the serenity....

Other ways I tend to catch a "Spare 10 minutes" is going for a walk, especially in the evening when daylight savings is abundant and so is the light!

Otherwise I just love daydreaming...'thinking time'...jotting details in a journal, doodling sketches, writing lists (declutter the mind) or just being...sitting outside soaking up the sun a sort of meditation (not much this winter sadly!) or taking time to listen to my surroundings... I love that 10 minutes as it comes unexpectedly during the day creating the opportunity to do all as I have described now..this is my 10 minutes after a very busy it!

"Thank you" to Hoppo Bumpo for this weeks "This is.." theme and to Angela the jet setter's wonderful meme... and Handmaiden for being the consummate hostess.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

I think treating yourself is an excellent use of 10 minutes.

My partner goes away for 1 month business trip o/s (and is about to again) so I know what you mean about valuing those 10 minutes!

CurlyPops said...

Great post....really makes me think about using my 10 minutes wisely and savouring the moment.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Yeh I agree, the spare ten minutes used for "me time" can do wonders.

Jenaveve said...

You've hit the nail on the head. The 'for me' phenomenon which we all so easily forget - it's the best thing in the world to take time out just 'for me'... then we're all recharged for everyone else.

I love all your 10 minute fillers!

Maureen said...

Savoring the moment..oh yes, so important.

Love all the pics but where is the last one? Germany?

Lilli boo said...

Hi Maureen, the last pic is from Berlin Germany and I'm dreaming about moving there one day! Just dreaming...Lil x