August 28, 2008

This is... my favourite fabric/craft store

A challenging "This favourite fabric/craft store"

Now don't get me's a great topic one where I have already been reading great locations for nifty craft and fabric stores in my hometown..However as much as I am crafty (albiet a lapst crafter) Is there such a definition???

My so-called craftiness which you have seen little evidence of on this blog has always been with hand-painted silk, home made cards, embroidery and collage...I used to in the 'olden days' as my son so politely puts it...was a keen sewer, knitter and clothes creator...

YES! was even juggling the idea of fashion design at one stage but that's another tangent for when I feel like talking about it!....and I do LOVE fabric...I have just started collecting fabric with the idea of making some cushions...start intentions of a being the next Martha...I do however in my profession come across some beautiful fabrics and have worked with Decorators in the past...

So where's this leading me...I can share the little I know that probably already has been repeated and maybe I'll be this time with "This is..." more inspired by others as I'm really in the "get to know" of fabrics and terminology!

So I have shopped here for fabrics:
Spotlight (naturally)
Patchwork on Central Park

I have shopped here for art/craft supply's:
Oxford Art Supplies
Batik Oetoro
Zart Art

I also shop online here:
Cheeky Beaks

Thank you to Handmaiden for this weeks "This is..." topic and Angela of threebuttons for her resourceful meme...Have a great trip too Angela!

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