April 14, 2008

Thank you

I'm back from a very refreshing weekend away with girlfriends at Daylesford. A place I haven't visited before, for those not in the know click on the link to Daylesford. It's a gorgeous little country town about 2 hours drive out of Melbourne....I have much to write about with my experiences and observations but will save that for another post.

I have been catching up with my little ones and partner since I have got back and tonight has really been the first time I have had the time to log on.

I must say that my last post I almost didn't publish because I am so afraid of putting myself out there and making a fool of myself...but then I reasoned I have been doing that for years and I have nothing to be afraid of (my humour here -work with me!)... It's true I am going to do it and I will be updating on my blog once the ball starts rolling...

I just wanted to after all that raving/unwinding say "Thank you" for those who dropped by with your encouraging words. I really appreciate that you take the time to read my posts and comment and especially with the last entry...cause it is such a big thing for me...

Anyway I am now back to normal posting and have alot to catch up on...so "On my desk..." and "This is.." meme posts are coming ..

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Cooking My Life said...

Courage and encouragement to you. If you never tried, you'd never know. You are right...just keep exhaling and inhaling and all will be well.
(See my dinner party pic for some happy fools.)