April 22, 2008

Time to focus.

I'm going take a break from blogging regularly to concentrate on all the much needed projects that have been waiting in the wings to be started or completed.

"Thank you" for visiting my blog to check out my weekly posts for the wonderful "This is.." meme by Angela of Three Buttons and also to Kirsty from Kootoyoo for her lovely meme "On my desk.." I have really enjoyed being involved with the weekly posts and seeing how creative everyone involved have been...and the ensuing, wonderfully encouraging comments along the way....so gorgeous.

I will certainly be dropping by and commenting and still posting, however not so regularly.

AT the moment I need to concentrate all my energies into getting my work life organised and happening! Reacquaint myself with my desk and easel properly....and look forward to sharing- hopefully very soon, my actual creations and developments.....

Look forward to catching up with you all along the way.


Lilliboo oxo


Kirsty said...

I'll miss your posts but look forward to catching up with your creations.

one little acorn said...

I totally understand. I love blogging, but wherever does one find enough time to do that AND everything else. I will soldier on for now and drop back every now and then to see if you have returned.


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

We'll miss you blogging, but really hope that you are really enjoying the creative process.