March 19, 2008

This is my creation.....and inner demon!

Extremely late post, due to late nights over last weekend/week, farewelling family, surviving the heat and to top it off a cold with a cracking cough....Hack hack..

So I'm still participating in Three Button's meme. I have missed last weeks suggested theme "This my is my creation.." as suggested by Betty the Geek and thought I'd combine it with this weeks theme for the meme "This is my ...Inner demon" as suggested by Drewzel

So heres my "This creation", I was thinking my kids or one of my Interiors projects but decided to branch out of my comfort zone. I have had reservations about posting these pictures I have to admit!.

I basically until recently had quite a few creative outlets. I'd paint on silk, do life drawing classes, make cards and started on embroidery. So I have dug out of the coffers and poorly ironed some examples of the silk I used to these images are my work some as far back as 14 years ago! hence the, in my minds eye-outdated design and colours selected.

I did resume some painting when we moved to our current address in 2004 and was also asked by a friend to man a stand at the Craft show in that same year as a fill-in to demonstrate silk painting. However I was left feeling somewhat jaded by the whole process (paper crafts were huge then) and a little out-dated too. (There's that word again!)

I was also experiencing a lack of creativity and was sticking to the same theme's in my painting - flowers and leaves and not really exploring other design ideas or enjoying the results of my then stunted creative output. However I have been greatly inspired over the last five years in other ways, so my creative output may not reflect this statement, but it's going to explode soon...surely. I do have a couple of stretched silk canvases waiting for me, so there's potential for me to start back real soon....

So what's my Inner demon?....Oh we have many of those..the standard vices, chocolate, coffee, alcohol (Not so much these days) and in the olden days - cigarettes and of course insecurities..see above!

HOWEVER... there is one Inner demon I am learning to master...."Sleeplessness" - With my ability to stay up late and not listen to my inner voice (like now) that's saying "go to bed get some rest!"...

I must rest more....

I found this image called Sleeplessness on Flicker and thought it was appropriate:

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Dees said...

Wow you are good!!!!I love the colours!!I regognize a lot in your post.Also the not wanting to go to bed part.I love to be by myself downstairs and everything is really quiet.That is usually when I get the most inspiration.So actually I would like to tell you not to go to bed early and make more art!!!!LOL!just kidding of course,rest is a very important thing to charge your battery!hugs Dees
PS love the artwork,don't doubt yourself just DO it!

Sharon said...

I really like the last silk painting of the room, that looks really modern, not at all-outdated!

AnastasiaC said...

oh i do love my problems there but I can relate to the creativeness and getting stuck in a rut...blogging has helped though -im inspired by so many wonderful gals out there!

Jenny said...

You should definitely do more silk paintings-they are lovely. I think that even though I do love to sleep it kind of gets in the way sometimes of what you want to keep on doing!

Jodie said...

yes , do more painting - They don't look outdated.
I tend to stay up too late , burn the candle at both ends and then get sick or come crashing down in some way. I have to learn to stop!

Bird Bath said...

Your painting is great-I like the last one the best. You should keep it up. I LOVE to be up by myself ahhh the serenity.

Kyla said...

I really like your silk painting..the one with the boat is so cute. Great job

I am someone who can not stay up late, if I do I am a bag of poo the next day. I am usually in bed by 10-1030 at the very latest. One thing I can do is sleep and lots of it :)

Maureen said...

If you create what you love and what you feel pleasure in doing, there will always be a satisfaction, and somedays there will be a market too.

If you can do it, there is bound to be someone else who wants and appreciates it.

Ah time...kronos vs kairos. ;-)

Anonymous said...

your creations are AMAZING. thankyou for sharing.

Your inner demon is one I share!