March 19, 2008

On My Desk this week....

On my desk....four days late....this is part of Kirsty's Wed meme....I have finally got the chance to sit at my computer uninterrupted. So without too much explanation..the first photo is of a series of people that my son, in his newly acquired skill of cut'n'pasting at 4 year old Kindy, kindly informed me were the whole family. (They have now been blu-taked to the blank wall above our kitchen sink and look wonderful)

The second photo is of the much needed attended to 'Pillowcase' and train fabric my son spotted whilst out shopping with me recently. The pillowcase, which is a mandatory requirement for 4 year old Kindy for their nap/rest time...Considering first semester has just finished and I still have it on my desk is kind of testament to how quickly... oops slowly I work round these parts...need to rectify this..Especially as my son has keenly been asking me to produce the goods for weeks now!

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