January 11, 2008

The temp is still up.....

Ok, my last post was very self indulgent but I had been meaning to record the arrival of Cleo on my blog for posterity's sake and for a while and couldn't think of a better day then on her actual birth-day. I have written a more in depth detailed account in my journal , but hey I feel I gave enough in the last post, too much?.... information ??....

So with this heat how do you entertain two little one's? (As they wiggle while you take their photo...I'd be wiggling too..)

Bake a cake early on in the day (yesterday)!

Paint a picture or six and take away the black paint after one too many existentialist paintings become the norm and 'no' I am not influencing his creative output, well maybe a little...enough time for loads of black.

Read a lot, watch a little TV, we love 'Jamie at Home' at the moment in this house.

Somehow get to sleep as restless 4 year old and baby girl who now has a temperature (Due to swimming in public pool and teething) try to wind down.

Interesting day and night...too damn hot...makes me think I want to retire somewhere where there aren't such the extremes in the weather! (Grumpy hot weather statement!!!)

I'm sure I'll change my tune tomorrow.....

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