October 03, 2007

Slow off the Mark

Today was one of those really needing to restock the shelves, rest, then follow up again on some much needed promises. I ran into a friend at the supermarket who as we chatted about what we had been up to mentioned I had promised to copy a CD for her and I suddenly felt really guilty. As I drove home I was caught up in her throw away comment and wondered "Why I didn't ever do that for her?". It was a real reminder how you can become so caught up in your world and forget all these little promises you make to people and not follow through.

My friend said it in jest, but I took it on board straight away. I got home unpacked the massive shop and in between burned her a copy of said CD. It hardly took anytime, in between finishing other household chores and when it was done, it was that easy I wondered what the initial holdup was?

So I learned something today. That when you really put your mind to doing something it and can get done. It really is 'mind over matter' and about applying oneself. It's been a while since I have had a flurry of energy like that and the only one putting on the pressure was me! So there you are, one small innocuous comment can alter the way you operate but for the better. Thank you Harriet you made my day and I mean it!


leslie said...

i've been learning this a bit lately, too - it takes so much less energy to do just something when you think of it rather than the guilt of procrastinating and forgetting*. don't know why it's taken almost 32 years for this lesson to really sink in...

*that's quite an akward sentence but i'm sure you get the jist of it : )

Lilli boo said...

I hear you! That's why this was like a jolt, really a bolt of lightning. Yet I'm still learning the lesson constantly and I think life just does that for you, the subtle reminders. Just to do something.