October 04, 2007

Catching Up

*coughs* & *sniffles* from Master O.
Wanting to crawl tantrums from Little Miss C.
Me - had the sorting bug, after trying to chase down a particular photograph taken 18 years ago! Yet in the meantime I found other photographs of bygone times looking younger, fresh faced and eager. I also found loads of artwork in various forms as paintings, prints, sketches, sketch books, journals, photographs of artwork that has long disappeared and photo's of fabric printed by 'moi' when I was hugely into textile print and design and still am (and have a huge respect for those who design and print fabrics now!)

Included in this pile of keepsakes were some collectibles that has been accrued by MD and I. Now we are not talking about a hidden 'Renoir' in the backyard shed. Try more contemporary (Art is very individual in it's appreciation). So there were banners, postcards, soap carvings, ceramics plus figurines (lets not get into that area)....
In all I'd say we have a lot of little collections we would dearly love to display but really don't have the cabinetwork for these pieces. Interestingly we have quite a lot of space for a 'Villa' (Real Estate term for the type of abode we live in!). Yet I'm not sure we are using it effectively enough. (That too is another post or think tank on my behalf). So on that note Friday might be the day for posting some photo's of said treasures.

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