September 07, 2007

I lost a hat.

I lost a hat 2 weeks ago. So what is the significance of that you night ask. Well it started a chain of events, insignificant but a fun little journey otherwise, for me that is! It had been a gift for Cleo from a dear friend of mine and she wore it through summer even though it was too big.

Cleo wearing "the lost hat"

About two weeks ago we walked to Kindy and when we arrived "the hat" was gone. Little Miss Mischief had yanked it off her head and obviously in my haste I didn't see it fall to the ground. I was so disappointed. I back-tracked where we had walked but to no avail that gorgeous hat was gone. (I'm still amazed as to how attached I felt to a hat!) So resigned to the fact I wouldn't be seeing it again I rummaged through our various bags of girls clothes that have been given to us and as yet we haven't had the time to sort through and store away. With a 'Ah ha' another hat... but it won't see Cleo through summer, but a great springtime there was a dilemma.

I pondered and finally last week went to the 'Second childhood' store in Glenferrie Rd, Malvern and I not only found one hat but two! I was delighted, she'll no doubt grow out of these hats very quickly but as I have been given so many wonderful clothes by friends I have haven't had much reason to shop for her until now.
Anyway where this story is heading is I have noticed on my travels up Glenhuntly Road a beautiful little shop that is dedicated to children's clothes. I met the owner Cintia who is just gorgeous and so wanted to mention her shop "My Poppet".

I also have to mention that the relevance of discovering "My Poppet" is that Cintia's store stocks some of the most divine 'vintage bonnets' which her mother makes. They are beautifully made with vintage fabrics and reversible too! The range of clothes and styles in Cintia's shop are unique and delightful. So my quest for hats starts with losing a hat and in the process finding a hat that is as every bit as delightful as the one I lost. I have found a hat!
Note: I intended to show more photo's of hats..but I am over this post so I'll update it later ;-)

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my poppet said...

Hi, have just found your lovely comment about the store- I was being really vain and doing a google search, hehe.
Thanks for the plug. Pop in and say hi so i can put a face to the blog.
cheer Cintia