August 29, 2007

My god 100 posts!

I was wanting to add additional links, note the 'Sites that inspire' column and noted I had 99 posts. Couldn't resist had to have 100..too exciting. Okay I'm not going to celebrate..unless you call polishing off the last bit of the block of cheese on Savoy biscuits followed with a milk and milo. I know - classy, but I wasn't hungry until now (yes at 10:30pm) and realised I have to eat or I won't be able to sleep and I have also have had enough of insomnia which is ridiculous for woman breast feeding and I'll shut-up now!
So I have revealed that in the heat of the moment my snacking tastes are definitely not sophisticated, so you may want to check out one of the new links I have added 'Chocolate and Zucchini', it at least shows that I can aspire to all things that are beautiful about food by reading about it, so at the very least I can *feel* like I could be a foodie. Huh! For the moment I'm still perfecting banana cake in a 30 year old oven. I can do a mean roast though.
So not too much has been happening since my last post.
An enjoyable 'book club' session on Monday night and met some really lovely girls and enjoyed the conversation immensely, sidetracking to discussions about politicians and anecdotes on our favourite Australian politician Tony Abbot. (tongue firmly planted in cheek)
Also went to a talk last night about "Resilience in children" the scary thing is you feel like you have 'learnt a new skill' and so the next morning your poor unsuspecting kid is the guinea pig for your new found knowledge. I feel these talks could be dangerous as we take for verbatim that the speaker 'Kathy Walker' is completely right it should be left open for discussion which she does. I personally find these talks a great vehicle for ongoing strategies we use in our day to day lives when managing our children and I feel Kathy has her finger on the pulse with her ideas, she spoke very well and it was very interesting. (Do children need to be managed? it's starting to sound a bit like Micro v's Macro management style- scary) I enjoyed the open discussion as there is always someone who inevitably puts their foot in their mouth and reveals too much about their "situation" it can be quite hilarious but not at anyone else's expense except you do think 'thank god that wasn't me speaking then'. I have created a link to Kathy's website if your interested.
Other then that we have had lot's of creativity in the house, which is really starting to stir the very sludgy murky depths of my psyche to actually start some new projects and finish off a couple of WIP's (which do exist) So I'm off to bed where both my kids have been since early evening. Until my 101st post. I say "good night".

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one little acorn said...

I sometimes wish to be a foodie, but in my 1930's kitchen and with little time to wonder over the secret seven herbs and spices of KFC, let alone the perfect ingredients for a no fail 5 course meal, I think I will have to relax and just enjoy the food served up to me when I go out!

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