May 15, 2007

Everyone's in bed.....

It's late again but at least it's not 11:15, I'm progressively becoming better with timing. I have downloaded all my photo's to our computer and actually gave MD a slide show that night. It was great to see what we achieved in a week and also seeing MD's delight as I captured many moments with friends and family in familiar settings. It also reminded me just how exhausted we were. The crunch came when I visited my friends Rachel and Ben who had put on a beautiful lunch for me and after a couple of hours I was overcome with fatigue and nausea and was sick. No detailed required. Just wasn't the ending I had envisioned for our trip to Canberra.

Otherwise we had a very enjoyable time, with very little sleep and too many visitors. Not that I didn't appreciate them at all, it's just it became overwhelming with the amount of people that actually wanted to see us! My son on the last two nights didn't get to bed until after 10:30pm it was so high energy and people just not leaving the house, I wasn't expecting it to be honest, yet again I appreciate how many people we have left behind who love and support us and take an interest in us. It's really wonderful to be connected to our roots and certainly that's what this
trip involved. Plus I met my beautiful nephew "Huon", who is pictured below:

Another thing I managed to do was take the time to walk the length and depth of my parents property. I really needed to explore all the 'vista's', 'nook's' and 'cranny's'. Below is Orion with my youngest sister Megan and the 'toy' he used a lot of imaginative play, which we hid from him the day we were leaving as he had become quite attached to it!

There are lot's of stories from our week away which will come out as I am inspired to write, for now I leave you with this.

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