April 09, 2007

Nothing more Nothing less

The days tumble over each other and there seems to be this lovely blur where details are remembered through photo's, jottings, journels and discussions. I don't feel the need to be doing anything more then I am at this stage of my life, as each step seems like a positive progression. The simplest things are enjoyable and I like that. I haven't felt that sort of satisfaction in years. I'm not existing, I'm doing, but on no one else's terms but mine with my family's needs a very huge priority. It's lovely, the simplest pleasures such as walking up to our local library will be at this stage of my life the things I remember because there was no fuss involved, deadline, strategy, being on the same page! type scenario. It was as simple as co-ordinating a three year old and baby. We joke that a mother's life is tougher then expected and the trials of children go way beyond the office and worklife. Well if that is the case I feel very well equiped to deal with that down the track and look forward to daydreaming about these moments when it was a simple navigation through life with no peripheral pressures.

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